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When my two children grow up, I will tell them to “be positive, work hard, respect others and get things done.”  I lived by those rules. 

Today, as a State Representative, I believe we can make a difference for our state. I dedicate myself fully to drafting laws that protect our rights, promote a better quality of life and produce a business environment that will attract companies and jobs. 



We must get our taxes under control. I voted to lower taxes more than 25 times in just one term. 

  • I will continue to fight for us to lower taxes where possible.  

  • I will continue to work to eliminate tax credits that aren’t returning investment in the state. 

  • I will not support an unreasonable gasoline tax.  

  • I will work with former Jefferson Parish Assessor and Louisiana Tax Commission Chairman Lawrence Chehardy to make a compelling case for increasing the Homestead Exemption.

  • I will increase the income limit for the assessor age freeze or lift it entirely for a 65-year-old or older person’s primary residence.

  • I will recommend a Tax Summit to analyze our tax structure and rewrite the Louisiana Tax Code.


  • I developed legislation to begin a methodical rebuilding, not restructuring, of streets throughout the district.

  • I will continue to secure funding for rebuilding streets that are beyond repair.

  • I will continue to secure funding to improve drainage especially replacing smaller, inadequate and outdated pipes with larger pipes to accommodate the development and population growth that occurred since the original pipes were laid.

  • I drafted legislation to make Sewerage & Water Board more accountable, and I will continue to put pressure on this agency until it proves that it is working efficiently and professionally for the people it serves.

  • I will continue to lobby for our federal delegation to improve our pumping capacity and strengthen our flood control.


As the mother of two young children, I know now that we must begin educating our children early. In fact, for those who are not provided early childhood education, they may fall behind by age five with no means to catch up.

  • As co-chair of the Early Childhood Care and Education Commission, I drafted legislation to
    fund $20 million towards early education.

  • I will work to protect early education funding and add additional funding to provide high-quality childcare.

  • I will establish a tax credit for parents to use towards early education spending.

  • I will continue to promote school choice.

  • I will continue to support funding of TOPS but want to make completion of a degree a criteria for funding.

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