Representative Hilferty, Claire Marie (3), Teddy (1), and husband Michael Lillis

Four years ago, Stephanie Hilferty, a commercial realtor, civic association president and yet-to-be-mother was so fired up against the inaction of government, she ran for office. Against all odds and the political elite, Stephanie was elected ... by an impressive margin. 

She shattered the stereotype that a freshman legislator couldn’t exert influence and bring positive change to the chambers when she authored and passed many meaningful laws. She showed backbone against powerful special interests when she redirected unused funds to start a street and road repair program. She fought against bloated bureaucracy. She also fought against senseless income tax hikes. She has been an outspoken advocate who helped fortify our flood protection. And when Sewerage & Water Board faltered, she wasted no time holding them accountable. Stephanie drafted legislation to begin the process of revamping the agency to ensure rapid response and better 

results when the next storm threatens. She secured funding to alleviate flooding on major roadways in and around Bucktown.


Representative Hilferty is the embodiment of positivity while always remaining practical. Her legislative district is complex, straddling the 17th Street Canal, part in Jefferson, part in Orleans. Still, she manages the divergent needs of very different neighborhoods each with unique challenges. Stephanie is a fierce competitor, a trusted colleague, a prepared lawmaker, and her sense of responsibility is strictly for the people she represents. If she has one flaw it’s that she’s uneasy when change in Baton Rouge comes too slowly. That’s a trait we can support as she works to press the pace on changing Louisiana for the better.